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1070 Vienna / Austria
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Projects / Exhibitions / Jewish Museum Vienna

Project: Jewish Museum

Client: Jewish Museum Vienna

Location: Vienna

Completion: October 2011

Graphics: Perndl & Co

Curator: Werner Hanak-Lettner

The way to the permanent exhibition, a complex and dynamic process of development, works for visitors in the same way of experience as for staff and guests.

The planning and development of the new permanent exhibition for the Jewish Museum in Vienna is a complex and dynamic process and is translated into a compelling experience meant to be shared with employees, visitors and guests alike.
The atrium on the ground floor becomes a thematic space and displays the development for the new permanent exhibition as “works-in-progress”.

On large planning tables are documents, materials, objects, lists, movies, etc, grouped according to the seven questions. Visitors are invited to interact with the space and can leave their thoughts and comments. The entries are scanned and added to a digital collection. Screens are embedded in the planning tables that display the digitalized entries. At the same time these entries are then hung vertically as an “analog blog” in the room. Thoughts and ideas are literally “found in the room” and offer visitors a chance to react and comment back directly into the space, forming a conversation. Graphic Design company, Perndl & Co, support the theme and aesthetic of the temporary exhibit through the color scheme and the graphical use of index cards.