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Projects / Exhibitions / GLORY & GLOOM. Living with the Great War

Project: GLORY & GLOOM. Living with the Great War

Client: Schallaburg

Location: Schallaburg castle, Lower Austria

Complitation: March 2104

Complitation: March 2014

Graphics:  Fuhrer Visuelle Gestaltung

Curator: Peter Fritz, Christian Rapp, Scientific Team

Conflict Lab: Zunder Zwo

A  hundred years  after the outbreak of World War I the exhibition at Schallaburg opens up new perspectives on what is known as the " Primal Catastrophe of the 20th century" . The upheavals of the years 1914 to 1918 were a watershed and turning point of European history. The exhibition focuses on individual stories, spotlighting the consequences and effects of the war for and on the population. In the context of a collection campaign, visitors to the show have contributed personal memorabilia, thus sharing the stories of their own families in the show as well. Numerous personal mementos in private possession that have never been exhibited before bring the " Great War" to life.