HELP. Liferisks, Opportunities

Exhibition Design, Special Exhibition

Location: Gallneukirchen, Oberösterreich

Client: Amt der Oberösterreichischen Landesregierung

Graphic Design: Gerald Lohninger

Scenography: Wunderkammer, Larissa Cerny

Curation: Brigitte Kepperlinger, Irene Dyk Ploss & Team

Year: 2015


Gerhard Abel, Waltraud Ertl

Challenge Liferisks

An exhibition without conventional exhibits, without anything tangible, without explicit representation.

A challenge for PLANET, which we solved with a special team!

For this we invited graphic designers, illustrators, scenographers and universalists. Together we created spatial installations and stagings; machines were also built. In this way the difficult topics were illustrated in an unusual way and became interactively comprehensible.

On their way through the exhibition, visitors experience the development of society's approach to life risks.

Challenges such as poverty, illness, disability or life on the margins of society become tangible.