duernstein abbey

Permanent Exhibition, Visitors Centre

Client: Augustinian Canons Herzogenburg

Location: Dürnstein, Lower Austria

Graphic Design: Larissa Cerny

Scenography: Wunderkammer

Year: 2019



Paul Linsbauer, Stefan Höller, Dawit Kassaw, Manuela Patka, Gerhard Abel

The Good, the Beautiful and the True

An inspiring resting place in the otherwise hectic Dürnstein - this is how we make the monastery come alive.

Our concept opens up the spectacular route of the monastery and makes it barrier-free. We uncovered a previously unused large Gothic room and renovated under the conditions of monument protection. It has since become the starting point for the permanent exhibition.

With our suggested solutions, we won the 2016 competition to build the visitor centre and new permanent exhibition of the monastery.

Discovery of the precious.

Dürnstein in the Wachau: One of the tourist highlights in Austria!