Worldenvironment Day: The Sustainable Republic


Nicht nur zum Weltumwelttag machen wir uns Gedanken zur Nachhaltigkeit.

In 'The Sustainable Republic', Harald Welzer asks what a sustainable modern society could look like - as climate change, the exploitation of our natural resources and other factors make it clear that our way of economics and our relationship with nature must change. To answer this question, he draws on a variety of concepts and sketches, including our project 'Close The Gap' - a "concrete utopia of urban development".
It was about the expansion of alternative transport options and new recreational space along New York's East River. Read here what role renewable energy has played!

The book contains many exciting approaches to utopian society, e.g. by Günther Bachmann, Julia Lohmann, Frank Graef, Charlotte Hoffmann, Maxim Keller, Stephan Rammler, Friedrich von Borries and Benjamin Kasten.