We at PLANET have more than 20 years

of experience in architecture, interior design

and exhibition design.


We bring the best experts into our teams and have long-standing connections with well-respected specialists and the right companies. Our clients profit from comprehensive know-how and networking in the fields of construction, manufacturing and culture.

The journey from conception to collecting ideas


We take time for our clients and ask the right questions, so that we can find the best answers together.
We help to inform, guide and support the decision-making process, by holding workshops to explore the client’s needs, generate ideas and imagine new perspectives. Driven by our decades of design experience, we develop a collective vision that all participants can identify with. The workshops often
form the starting point for long-lasting cooperation and a design that is tailored to the client’s wishes.

Moving from ideas to specific solutions


We translate ideas into solutions that span different scales and themes, overcoming boundaries between individual disciplines. We tie together space, design and graphics. With keen attention to detail, we also handle the selection of materials and the color scheme. All of this allows us to create a
holistic design.
We outline, draft, model and illustrate, in both the analog and digital realms. We design spaces that function well, in harmony with each other, at all levels. Our passion for graphic design and visual communication is reflected in all of our projects.

Turning imagination into reality


We transform these collective visions into reality, handling every step along the way to the finished product. We know the value of good project management, so we place great emphasis on organization, communication and coordination. We request bids, support the award of contracts and monitor smooth, timely execution, always keeping our eye on the big picture. When communicating with our clients, we are easy-to-understand, forward-looking and respectful.


Whether it’s just a quick call, a digital meet-and-greet or a one-on-one discussion over coffee, feel free to contact us to explore and share your visions!