Bread factory Objekt 19

Conversion & renovation

Client: Superar/Caritas

Partner: Freimüller-Söllinger Architekten

Opening: Oktober 2014

Location: Vienna


Gerhard Abel, Oliver Cmyral, Paul Linsbauer, Stefanie Amtmann

An Open and Multi-functional Art Community Centre.

An Old Jewel Revived!


A new Art Community Centre, a cultural space, in the former Property 19 of the historical Vienna Ankerbrotfabrik (Anker bread factory) is built to be an open, multifunctional building for a multi-layered mix of uses, which combines social, integrative and cultural projects — exactly what we’re looking for!


In 2012 together with Freimüller Söllinger Architektur, we won the competition to redesign the building into the community center. Respect was paid to the existing structures and the redesign left the former factory in its old glory, but strengthened it with something new.

A Vertical Stage Connected by a New Open Staircase!


Next to the event hall for 300 people with a backstage area, is an artists' room, bar, foyer, and terrace, there are also rehearsal studios for music, singing and dancing, office space, and an open foyer on the ground floor with a restaurant and Schanigarten (Magdas KANTINE), lounges, seminar rooms for cooking courses (community cooking) and a Caritas shop.


The project was awarded an architecture prize by the City of Vienna in 2014.