Land for us all

Exhibition Design

Client: Architekturzentrum Wien

Graphic Design: LWZ Animation & Grafik, Manuel Radde

Location: Vienna

Year: 2020


Corinna Danninger, Gerhard Abel


Humorous and informative

The exhibition 'Land for Us All' deals with the treatment of land, our most precious commodity. The progressive sealing contributes to the climate crisis and housing costs are constantly rising. All the more we are proud to have been part of this project. A critical topic that we as architects should take seriously!


We started off with the question of how Austria is generally planned. In the process, terms such as building land, cataster, grid, parcelling and zoning repeatedly came up. This theme is reflected in the grids used. 

In order to visualize the concept of the "sealed area" we painted construction steel meshes in pink. The alienated grids were then slid into the oversized blue-painted wooden frames.

What we're specially excited about:The exhibition will tour Austria with these modules next year!

Careless use of land as a resource has massively changed the shape and function of our cities and villages in recent decades.

The surface of the earth is finite and land is our most precious commodity.

Making and Breaking the grid!

It was important for us to make and break the grid - this was realized by the terrific work of the graphic team LWZ & Manuel Radde. So we managed to present a rather text-based but very important topic in a humorous yet informative way. It is worth a visit!


In the middle of the exhibition there is an installation of the Earth Citizen* made of rammed earth. In the future it will be used as street furniture in Austria.