Dynatrace Barcelona

Office Design, Interior Design

Artwork: Aleix Gordo Hostau

Area: 950 m²

Location: Barcelona, Torre Agbar, Glòries

Year: 2019


Gerhard Abel, Nacho Poli, Waltraud Ertl, Corinna Danninger

OPEN Space at Torre Agbar the Famous Landmark of Barcelona

We designed the new Dynatrace-R&D Lab in Barcelona which was an enriching design process to implement what we do best: a total solution!

At the request of the Dynatrace teams in Barcelona we designed an Open Space Office. Everything from focused work to spontaneous team meetings in the space should be made possible. Interesting!

To suit this purpose we created and designed different zones in the open space: Phonebooths, ©Dynamicals and workstations, and worked in collaboration with the street art artist Aleix Gordo Hostau to create a lively ambience.