Headquarters DYNATRACE

Building planning, interior design, furniture design & orientation system

Client: Dynatrace

Partner building planning: A&S Bauconsult

General contractor: Arge Dywidag - Porr
Project duration: February 2017 - October 2019
Opening: November 2019

Area: approx. 9.500 m² (für bis zu 500 Mitarbeiter)

Location: Austria, Linz



Gerhard Abel, Oliver Cmyral, Waltraud Ertl, Corinna Danninger

Christoph Kolbeck, Manuela Patka, Sonja Zlatkov


“We want to bump into each other more often…"

With this request from Dynatrace, a leading global software company, an intensive joint design process for the development of their new headquarters in Linz began in 2016. As a fast-growing global market leader, they are constantly on the lookout for software experts and dreamed of a lively, inspiring place for 500 people. A place for concentrated work as well as for interaction and chance encounters!

The Vertical Campus is Born!

We designed the seven story building as a vertical campus, similar to a vibrant city district, filled with a heterogeneous mix of work places, as well as public spaces, parks, cafés etc. in a three-dimensionally distributed in space. An open staircase in the central foyer connects visually and physically!

Possibilities Instead of Compulsion!

outstanding work by
outstanding people!
(Gründer & CTO Dynatrace)

Possibilities Instead of Compulsion!

Different types of "possibility spaces" promote communication, teamwork and these chance encounters.

Public and private areas (and everything in between) were well thought-out, graded and interlocking. Multi-space further developed means everyone has their own fixed workplace and additionally benefits from a variety of work opportunities and different spaces for various activities. In the end, both concentration and interaction are possible!

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