residential construction Gallneukirchen

Residential Homes for 70 Apartments

Client: JHP GmbH

Location: Gallneukirchen, OÖ

Year: 2019 (ongoing)
Competition Partner: Christopher Lottersberger


Birgitta Kunsch, Gerhard Abel, Edith Fuchs, Thomas Helmlinger, Marius Cotut,
Dawit Kassaw, Paul Linsbauer, Chris Kolbeck


Living Spaces and Open Spaces!

Among Old and New Neighbours - Applied Residential Psychology

For the approximately 70 apartments in the centrally-located Gallneukirchen, we created generous green spaces. These can be shared by both the residents of the residential park and their neighbours.

The buildings are grouped as two clusters and organically connected. We paid special attention to zoning private to public areas. This way, we enabled the connection and interaction of residents.

With this proposed concept we won over the jury of the Property Development Competition!