Residential & office building

Client:5-person family
Location: Upper Austria

Year: 2015



Gerhard Abel, Stefan Höller, Birgitta Kunsch, Waltraud Ertl, Daniel Trimmel

5 Heads- 2 Days - 1 House

A wooden house that is not only sustainable, but can also be built quickly and having the lowest energy standard in solid construction:

a place where you not only live but also work.

In only 2 days we erected the walls and ceilings from prefabricated plywood elements.

An untreated larch facade with integrated wood fibres as thermal insulation forms the outer skin. Inside, the large-surface cross laminated timber elements remain visible for a lively atmosphere. The house opens to the South with generous, light-flooded rooms.


Finally, we built a beautiful family dining table from the large wood cut-out of the front door, in a spur of applied recycling.