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Permanent & Special Exhibition
Museum Niederösterreich
Graphic Design: Perndl & Co 

Location: St. Pölten

Area: 2400 m2

Year: 2017


Gerhard Abel, Oliver Cmyral, Dawit Kassaw, Daniel Trimmel, Corinna Danninger, Paul Linsbauer, Waltraud Ertl, Stefan Höller


Spectacular Spatial Experiences!

We developed a concept where we spatially arranged the exhibition into ‘clusters’ (topic areas) and forums.


The forums themselves are located at the intersections of the clusters and are also linked to them in terms of content. This allows the visitors to experience the exhibition selectively and makes a non-chronological wandering through the exhibition possible! Forums become important orientation points for individual topics. Here one can deepen, discuss or simply linger. As spaces of opportunity, their use can also continuously change.


We won the architecture competition in summer 2015 with this spatial concept.

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"A new museum concept: we focus on mediation!"

The forums offer the possibility to further develop and discussing themes, or simply invite you to linger a moment longer.

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