DAEGU Gosan Public Library

Competition, Library

Location: Southkorea

Year: 2012


Paul Linsbauer, Gerhard Abel, Carmen Val Solana, Oliver Cmyral

What is the Next Step for the Library of the Future?

We used this international competition to rethink the tasks of libraries. How could a place of learning function when knowledge can be easily "downloaded" at home?

What is the next step for the library of the future? We imagine a place of meeting and interaction, an important extension of the public space in which the exchange of knowledge is encouraged.

HIGH-QUALITY, PUBLIC INTERIORS "Merging inside and outside”

In order to create a stimulating environment for this, our proposal plays with new ideas for combining interior and exterior spaces.

What if the library flows into the outside space? Or what if the green of the outside space filters into the interior of the library and the interior of the building literally becomes an information landscape?

The library becomes an interior/exterior space, completely open to the public and usable all year round, a public space of exceptional quality that also speaks to the city with a mirrored media façade.

Of course, we also developed an energy concept: the library is heated and cooled by solar thermal energy and building component activation.

Merging inside and Outside