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Exhibition Design

Client: Wiener Linien
Graphic Design: Perndl & Co
Curator: Rapp & Wimberger

Area: ca. 6600 m2

Location: Wien

Year: 2014


Stefan Höller, Paul Linsbauer, Stefanie Amtmann,

Barbara Weber, Corinna Danninger

The Tram Depot turns into a museum...

one of the largest collections of historical vehicles in europe!

The large collection is presented in the listed tram depot in Erdberg, Vienna. It tells the 150-year history of public transport in Vienna.

We have redesigned the permanent exhibition for an area of over 6600m².


Large next to small: A special challenge!

Large next to small: A special challenge! Small objects are placed next to huge vehicles that have to be moved on the rails from time to time. We have developed 14 mobile modules for this purpose, in which the different epochs and themes are illustrated. All modules can be moved if necessary in order to rearrange the vehicles. One of the halls can even be turned into a huge event area!

> to the Video:

See how the exhibition is built!