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Infocenter U2/U5

Infocenter & Exhibition Design

Client: Wiener Linien
Location: U-Bahnstation, Volkstheater, Wien
Graphic Design: Perndl & Co
Curators: Rapp & Wimberger

Year: seit 2017 laufend

Gerhard Abel, Paul Linsbauer, Stefan Höller,
Corinna Danninger, Anna Yokura


How do You Build a Subway?

We designed a 700 m2 information center for the Wiener Linien that makes the construction and operation of a subway line perceivable. An interactive tunnel-boring machine is a special highlight of the exhibition.

At a large planning table, visitors can immerse themselves with further information.

Underground spaces were created in the early 90s in the course of the construction of the U3 underground line but have rarely been used to date. The new visitor’s centre is located at in a high-traffic intersection of the U3 line and the soon-to-be U5 and can be visited on the way from A to B.

The interactive tunnel-boring machine in original size is a special highlight of the exhibition!